System Design

Energika may manage in full, or assist customers in all phases of, the design of systems for the reduction of energy consumption, such as, for example: the optimization of heat generation plants and cooling plants, renewable energy plants and co-generation systems, power factor variation systems, etc.; the performance of feasibility studies; the formulation of draft and final projects; works management; the choice of suppliers, and other related activities.

Starting from the customer’s general specifications, the following are produced:

  • Electrical and electronic circuit diagrams, solid-wire power circuit diagrams and ancillary circuit diagrams;
  • Working diagrams of mechanical systems;
  • P&I diagrams;
  • Drawings of construction details and As Built drawings;
  • Working system specifications ;
  • Dimensions of system components;
  • Drafting of documents containing technical specifications for the purchase of components;
  • Bills of quantities and printouts of Call for Bids ;
  • Technical-financial tabulation and examination of offers made;
  • Follow-up of suppliers for equipment and systems.


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