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Expertise and professionalism

Energika offers its customers the opportunity to truly improve energy efficiency, since through its advisory services it represents a partner that is completely independent from any energy supplier, business association or consortium, taking up a market position (on behalf of the final energy consumer).

A team of professionals, constantly updated on technical and legislative developments in the energy market, deals with all aspects of energy provision: from the choice of the most economical trader, to the monthly verification of invoices, and liaising with suppliers and distributors with regard to adjustments or specific customer requests.

The same approach centred on improving energy efficiency is maintained by Energika in regard to suppliers of technology. In fact, the aim is to have a team of specialists capable of offering the final customer the most effective and advantageous technological solution in terms of costs and benefits.

Avant-garde technology

Energika uses System Management, an online management system developed by the company thanks to twenty years’ experience in the energy sector.

This system resides on a server owned by Energika, and may be accessed by each user via the website’s private area, using that user’s own credentials, by navigating through the available services.

Since its creation, System Management has been designed to meet all the requirements of Energika’s services, and is constantly checked and updated to ensure an increasingly personalized, high performing system: customers may check the results of Energika’s analyses at any time, on the basis of their own contract; for operators, on the other hand, System Management represents an effective working instrument both as a database and document archive, and as a software programme for the assessment procedures provided for by Energika’s advisory services.

Assistance and Timeliness

Energika, thanks to the system it has developed, is capable of promptly assisting its customers, checking more than 6,000 energy bills a year, maintaining tens of thousands of proposals in its system, and formulating comparisons between tens of proposals in just a few seconds.

This process can guarantee an improvement in energy efficiency through a reduction in energy costs.

As far as regards the production of Energy Audits and the management of energy consumption monitoring systems, Energika also utilizes a platform specifically created to meet its own requirements http://energika.eciweb.it. Once again, there is a reserved area of the website that may be consulted by means of personal access, protected by a Username and Password, by both Energika and its customers, offering the opportunity to download the corresponding information in Excel format without users having to install any specific software. Data may be freely consulted from any work station or on any device with an Internet connection.

Guaranteed savings

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