Monitoring Energy Consumption and Remote Management

The constant monitoring of energy consumption permits the assessment of energy requirements and of the specific energy consumption of each unit.


In this way, excessive energy consumption habits circumscribed to certain parts of a plant can be precisely identified and the potential energy savings achievable through the rectification of such habits can be easily identified. Also, a detailed breakdown can be produced of energy spending for each unit, together with a comparison of different units and plants, and of different years.


By monitoring other figures, such as production and environmental data, energy indices may be obtained, that is, parameters established by comparing certain figures, capable of providing a direct comparison in relation to a complex phenomenon, and of building models that identify the links between diverse variables.


By constantly monitoring the indices and performances obtained in this way, energy requirements may be estimated in relation to variations in, for example, production requirements; or various different machines may be compared and investments made may be evaluated.


Depending on the nature of the plant, energy consumption shall be monitored by selecting the most suitable format; in particular, the following elements shall be carefully evaluated:

  • the points to be monitored;
  • the compatibility of any existing analysers;
  • the figures in question;
  • the distances to be covered by the connections.

Having LAN network socket points, information can be sent to the Energika server: the data gathered by the instruments deployed in the field, are published in graphical and numerical form in a reserved area that may be consulted by means of protected personal access, and the corresponding information may be downloaded in Excel format without having to install any specific software. Data may be freely consulted from any work station or on any device with an Internet connection.

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