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"Energy Consulting"

How to spend less on energy

Energika enables you to obtain the best purchase price available in the market, and to eliminate all avoidable or undue costs.

"Energy Audit"

Understanding how, where and why energy is consumed

Arrange for your company to have a detailed technical analysis of its energy efficiency performance.

"Monitoring Energy Consumption"

Check the performance of your plant remotely

Constant monitoring of energy consumption enables you to evaluate energy requirements and the specific energy consumption of each unit.

"System Design"

We plan efficiency

We can help you during each phase of the planning of systems for the reduction of energy consumption, from feasibility studies to works management.

"Staff training"

No day in which something is learnt is a wasted day

The ENERGIKA Team firmly believes in continuous training, and it offers its own experience in the form of energy-certification courses and assistance.

Energy consulting company

The pursuit of energy efficiency is a value of increasing importance as shown by, among other things, the measures being adopted at European, State and Regional levels.

For businesses, improving energy efficiency can constitute an important business lever, once the benefits it can bring, in terms of product improvement, business performance and competitiveness, have been understood.

Our Service

Our Energika Service fits into this developing scenario, through the provision of opportunities to companies to reduce energy spending and to increase energy productivity, through:

  • A reduction in waste;
  • The use of efficient technologies and processes;
  • Constant Monitoring;
  • The adoption of renewable energy sources;
  • A reduction in the purchase price of energy carriers.

All of this is achieved thanks to several years’ experience advising on, and offering analysis and planning of, energy efficiency measures, and to twenty years of working in the gas and electricity market.

Benefits for Companies

Energy efficiency brings with it a number of other “associated benefits” such as:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced emissions;
  • An improved corporate image;
  • Lowering of local pollution levels;
  • Increased operator safety.
The services available may be of a standard, easily managed type, or of a personalized type.

Energika offers specially designed, personalized consultancy services to meet each customer’s specific requirements. These services range from the analysis of energy/financial indices and market indices, in order to optimize the strategic positioning of supply contracts, to everything regarding energy efficiency; from energy audits to the planning and funding of energy saving operations.

Energika is based in Rimini, but operates throughout Italy and Europe. Our customers are in the main Large Enterprises and SMEs operating in the industrial or service sectors, together with Public Administrations interested in reducing their own energy spending.

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